May Web Hosting Fundraiser

The Photations Collection Photographs NFTs on Open Sea are now on sale for 80% off. Price reduced to ETH .0067 as of 5-2-2022 ~ 19.25 USD for each NFT.

The May Web hosting Fundraiser also include Prints, Physical Photo-Books and Kindle Digital Photo-books

Web hosting Fundraiser Guide

During the month of May Photations LLC and the sister sites will be raising funds in order to expand our web hosting. Currently Photations can host audio podcasts and stream short videos but these solutions don’t support our needs for video distribution including free downloads. The good news is we’ve found a solution for hosting and sharing our films including the multi format Virtual Reality, 3D and 4K films for free for the public on the internet. The bad news is that it would be costly to implement.

If you’ve followed us for a while you’ll know that we create a lot of content both experimental and traditional film types. This means that our storage requirements for hosting are quite large and ever expanding. The funds we raise in the May Fundraiser will go to web hosting costs. The more we raise the more projects we can release to the public.

Our films focus on art and education. They are meant to take you on journeys through out the landscapes of the world while learning about classic literature, history and the process of being creative. We hope that we we’ll be able to continue to create these films and keep them free and open to distribute for the public.

As someone with dyslexia one of best resources I had was audio-books. Reading was difficult in school and I was considerably slower at reading then others. (Don’t even get me started on spelling.) However audio-books were a lifeline that helped me keep up in class and enjoy in class discussions. It also meant less late nights trying to catch up on a growing pile of homework.

After being opened up to the world of books with stories and history and with extra help from my parents and tutoring, reading and writing was fun and something I enjoyed and even became good at. I hope that these films and the visual audio-books do for others what the original audio-books did for me. In my time they were on cassettes but today they can be shared relatively instantly.

Our new hosting design relies on the PeerTube system which allows us to expand our hosting and allow for people to view, download and even legally torrent (File Share) our films. The more people that visit and view these videos the stronger and faster the streaming service will become. In addition the more people that help by downloading through the torrents and seeding the films will make the distribution will be easier and faster for everyone.

Here are some example of our PeerTube instances.

4K hosting with the Alaska Photations Collection film

Junior Classics Vol.1 Visual Audio-book

Multi format 3D and Stereograph editions of the Junior Classics Vol.1 Visual Audio-book

During the month of May we’ll be having a sales on our print store, physical Photo-Books, Kindle Photo-Books, and the experimental NFTs.